What to Expect

Commitment to patient satisfaction

We realize that patients have many choices for where they receive their healthcare. REMA and UNC Rex strive to be the best choice for every patient. Our providers are emergency medicine specialty trained. We have a commitment to provide excellent patient care and utilize a Patient Satisfaction Program to track and report each provider’s patient satisfaction score. These scores and trends are followed within the group as well as reported on at the hospital level.

Commitment to efficiency

  • UNC Rex and REMA are working together to make each ED visit as smooth and efficient as it can be. Our physician-led throughput committee has instituted a triage pivot process to do a rapid, brief assessment and get each patient on a bed and seen by the appropriate provider as soon as possible. With this process, we have seen a tremendous reduction in patient waiting times and an increase in patient satisfaction.
  • We have a dedicated area of our emergency department to quickly evaluate and treat lower-acuity illness and injuries to get you back to your day as soon a possible
  • We have in-department radiology and CT scanning for rapid diagnosis
  • We offer a Pharmacy Concierge Prescription Service for Rex Hospital ED patients. This allows patients who are being discharged from the ED to have their new prescriptions collected by pharmacy staff, filled and brought back to them at the bedside, and includes counseling by pharmacy staff on these new medicines.


It is important to understand that you may receive several bills from your Emergency Department visit. You will receive a bill from Rex Healthcare and Raleigh Emergency Medicine Associates (REMA). REMA’s bill is for the physician services provided during your Emergency Department visit and Rex Healthcare’s bill is for the hospital services. In addition, you may receive a bill from Raleigh Radiology if you had any x-rays or radiology studies performed during your visit and from the Pathology Physicians for various blood and/or body fluid tests. We understand that it may be somewhat confusing and overwhelming to receive so many various charges and will attempt to assist you in any way we can in understanding your bill.

If you would like to obtain copies of your medical records, contact the Medical Records Department at Rex Healthcare by calling (919) 784-3158.

If you wish to submit a payment directly, please submit the payment to the following address: